English teachers

About our English teachers
Jeanne Salliou, Manon Binet and Marine Weiss are modern languages postgraduated students from the French university of Lille 3 Charles de Gaulle.

The three teachers have a Bachelor degree and a different experience with teaching and children.

Indeed, Jeanne Salliou lived 3 months as aupair I’m Ireland and 2 years in England for studying, work experience and as foreign language assistant.

Manon Binet have a diploma to take care about children in youth center, so she knows a lot about games and creative activities. She works in summer camps every year since she was 18 years old. She lived 1 year in Germany.

Marine Weiss is used to take care and communicate with children and babies since she was 4 years (her mother is a nanny). She did a lot of babysitting and tutoring in foreign languages. She lived 4 months in Spain.

The happy kids school of Da Nang


With its area of 1701m2, the Happy Kids Nursery School welcomes children from one to six years old in the heart of Danang City. Equipped with modern equipment, the Happy Kids Nursery School has 14 classrooms, including some dedicated for special courses such as Art, English, IT or Dance. In the aim to provide high-quality English classes, we opened a bilingual class where children are taught by Vietnamese and European teachers. With a growing number of pupils in this bilingual class, we may open a second class soon.

Happy Kids Nursery School makes sure to provide high-quality innovative care and education services for the children.

We know that:

  • Every child is different
  • Every child has an individual personality
  • All children can learn
  • Learning is a long-term process
  • Learning life skills is important
  • A positive attitude towards learning is essential

We can make a difference in the life of every child. Our responsibility is to stimulate children with love, care and motivation.


Our missions are :

  • Providing high-quality care and education for the development of the children
  • Raising and educate the children to learn how to think and to learn by themselves from now


The Happy Kids Nursery School has 14 classrooms with an area between 80m2 and 100m2 per classroom. The classrooms are designed to create an appropriate growing environment for the children. They also have air conditioning, furniture made of safe materials and fire protection systems. At each floor, there is a playground to provide more playing space to the children.

With an area of 150m2, the kitchen for the children are modernly equipped to ensure the safety of the food given to the children. Carefully chosen, the food is age-appropriate and high-quality.


The teachers are chosen according their qualifications, education and their passion for teaching.

The school also aims to teach children about special skills such as drawing, dance, IT or English in addition of the normal courses (Vietnamese, Maths, Gym, etc.)

There are also doctors and a dentist’s office to directly take in charge the care that children need.

Happy Kids School english class

At the beginning of April the Happy Kids School of Da Nang decided to create a new English programme. A partnership with the  » Université Lille 3 Charles De Gaulle was established. Student from this université came to the school to teach english language with a new european method of Learning.

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