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About our English teachers
Jeanne Salliou, Manon Binet and Marine Weiss are modern languages postgraduated students from the French university of Lille 3 Charles de Gaulle.

The three teachers have a Bachelor degree and a different experience with teaching and children.

Indeed, Jeanne Salliou lived 3 months as aupair I’m Ireland and 2 years in England for studying, work experience and as foreign language assistant.

Manon Binet have a diploma to take care about children in youth center, so she knows a lot about games and creative activities. She works in summer camps every year since she was 18 years old. She lived 1 year in Germany.

Marine Weiss is used to take care and communicate with children and babies since she was 4 years (her mother is a nanny). She did a lot of babysitting and tutoring in foreign languages. She lived 4 months in Spain.